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RE Store in Seattle – a good catch

Friday, October 16th, 2009

RE Store - good catchA pity that you have to travel all the way to Seattle to find a really well sorted building demolition yard with amazing finds.

But, boy, do they have amazing stuff – a problem we were facing was: how do we get those floorboards back to New Zealand? Or, how exactly do we manage to take those wooden children’s lockers as hand luggage? There is a fantasmic range of materials, and amongst it, brilliant pieces. We recommend anyone who’s going to Seattle to visit this store.

Hannah’s favourite: the wooden lockers.

My favourite: the phone booth.

But see for yourself (below).

While in Seattle, you should also visit Anthropologie. The overall style is an eclectic mix of urban/eco/restore, and they present a collection of fashion, accessories and furniture. The displays are put together in very intricate and clever ways and often are design pieces in themselves. Very nicely done, I could have easily spent the whole day in there.

Seattle has a lot going for itself, and would even more, if the Alaskan Highway viaduct right on the waterfront was finally gone. If you can’t help it, go on one of the Underground tours, which will give you access to an entertaining show on Seattles history and an insight to what people will dump into sideways if they can. But, ahem, don’t expect any amazing underground shop fronts, with wonderful antique window displays (with skeletal mummified cats), that’s not gonna happen.

wooden lockers

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