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Candlelight Vigil for a Real Deal at Copenhagen

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

The long awaited Climate Change conference in Copenhagen has started for real now. We support, saying that this week is the time to show the leaders of today that we want a strong response for climate action. Let the world and the New Zealand government know just how many of us are concerned about climate change.

Candlelight VigilAvaaz and have asked people to organise candlelight vigils.There are 1400 vigils being organised in nearly 100 countries around the world. Bring a candle, and a glass jar to protect it from the wind and a banner with for instance: “the world wants a real deal”. Ask your friends and whanau along (forward this email to a few people you know now and ask them to forward it on).

Wellington’s candlelight vigil is on Saturday, 12 December, 8.30pm – 9.15pm, Courtenay Place (on the square between Burger Fuel and the St James Theatre with an aim to spread people along the length of Courtenay Place).

International Day of Climate Action, 24th October

Monday, October 12th, 2009 just reminded us that the International Day of Climate Action is getting close.

On 22 August, over 150 of cyclists came out to support safer cycle lanes in Wellington and the 350 movement promoted cycling as a low carbon form of transport:


And here’s what’s happening on the day, 24th of October:

Cycle Aware Wellington is organizing another huge cycle ride to raise awareness for safer cycle lanes in Wellington and cycling as a low carbon form of transport – and, of course, because cycling is fun, fast and free!

This time, CAW is drawing attention to the Great Harbour Way, Wellington’s beautiful coastline, and the necessity for a safe cycle route connecting Eastbourne, Hutt City and Wellington City.  So mark your calendars for Saturday, 24 October, oil your chain, grab your helmet, water bottle, patch kit, sunscreen and let’s ride!

Please do forward this info on to your networks, friends and lovers of 2-wheeled transport!  You don’t need to be an excellent cyclist to come along – the route is about 17km, but is all flat and it won’t be a race! So come join the fun – but you cannot ride with us without a helmet!

The Route: Start in Days Bay, Eastbourne, through to Wellington Waterfront. Final destination is the International Day of Climate Action Festival, Taranaki St Wharf by Mac’s Brewery.

Meeting Spots:

Days Bay Wharf: 10.30am

Petone, westernmost pulloff on the Esplanade (opposite south end of Waione St): 11.00am

Ngauranga (East side of Hutt Road): 11.40am

Wellington Railway Station: 12pm