350 workshop this Saturday!

350 is running a workshop on Saturday 15th August, called “Sign Here!”:

“Make your own sign to express your support for the 350 campaign.

[It might be something the size of an envelope that you nail to your fence or leave on a car’s parcel shelf or something sculptural or bill boardy, or the back of some curtains… Should be plenty of room at the workshop and good drying weather is being organized..]

There will two (and, by high demand, three) sessions that run from 1.30 to 3pm, 3.30 to 5pm (and perhaps 7.30 to 9pm). Each sign making workshop will cater for up to six people.

Register by sending an email to wgtn@350.org, with subject: “Sign here! 350 Workshop”, with your name and contact number, and the time that you would like to come. You will receive a confirmation by email, and a map along with an list of ‘what to bring.’

The workshop will be hosted by Willemijn Vermaat and Alexander Wright and will be held in the Wellington Wood Works workshop in Newtown.”

350-sign www-sign


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