'Hunter & gatherer' – badge

Suggested by CHARLOTTE S
Discover your local farmers markets, fruit and veg stall, butchers, baker and fish monger, buy fresh, buy local and get creative and enjoy the adventure of hunting and gathering fresh produce from an array of colourful characters not just wandering around the supermarket. Support the community around you and keep it seasonal.

» Get the full story on Carbon Action Badges here

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2 Responses to “'Hunter & gatherer' – badge”

  1. Craft Girl says:

    Too bad this blog has stopped being about making things and is now all about behavioural didacticism …

  2. worldsweetworld says:

    Hi there,

    The blog is mostly about our print magazine, World Sweet World. At the moment, we’re running the “great M.I.Y carbon action mystery badge swap adventure” in the magazine, and the blog post on the “‘Hunter & gatherer’ – badge” is a part of this.
    We’re really excited that we can run this campaign and that we might have an effect on climate change by helping people to take some action.
    This is still very much about making and doing, as the ‘mystery swap’ is about making badges, having fun, receiving badges by other makers, and being a part of it all.

    You can find out about the whole story here: worldsweetworld.com/badgeaction


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