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World Sweet World, by Erin Cole Baker

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

Wow, it’s great to listen to such a pretty song that was written just for us!

Oh, hang on… No, it doesn’t actually have anything to do with us; but that would be nice. Just came across the new song by Erin Cole-Baker, called World Sweet World. Downright creative, the entire video was shot and edited within only one day – shows good things don’t always take time.

So who is this Erin Cole-Baker? A quick search makes me think that we do live in a small world – Erin lives in Oregon, but grew up in New Zealand. She grew up with jazz, rock, blues and bluegrass in her home – and you can certainly hear a great confidence in her music.

Erin’s website is made beautifully in loving handmade style by Phil Austen and Toni Brandso. Have a look: “I will be playing music for the rest of my life” – how endearing is that? I hope she will.