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No no no plastic bags

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

A cute little clip from the bay area:


International Day of Climate Action, 24th October

Monday, October 12th, 2009 just reminded us that the International Day of Climate Action is getting close.

On 22 August, over 150 of cyclists came out to support safer cycle lanes in Wellington and the 350 movement promoted cycling as a low carbon form of transport:


And here’s what’s happening on the day, 24th of October:

Cycle Aware Wellington is organizing another huge cycle ride to raise awareness for safer cycle lanes in Wellington and cycling as a low carbon form of transport – and, of course, because cycling is fun, fast and free!

This time, CAW is drawing attention to the Great Harbour Way, Wellington’s beautiful coastline, and the necessity for a safe cycle route connecting Eastbourne, Hutt City and Wellington City.  So mark your calendars for Saturday, 24 October, oil your chain, grab your helmet, water bottle, patch kit, sunscreen and let’s ride!

Please do forward this info on to your networks, friends and lovers of 2-wheeled transport!  You don’t need to be an excellent cyclist to come along – the route is about 17km, but is all flat and it won’t be a race! So come join the fun – but you cannot ride with us without a helmet!

The Route: Start in Days Bay, Eastbourne, through to Wellington Waterfront. Final destination is the International Day of Climate Action Festival, Taranaki St Wharf by Mac’s Brewery.

Meeting Spots:

Days Bay Wharf: 10.30am

Petone, westernmost pulloff on the Esplanade (opposite south end of Waione St): 11.00am

Ngauranga (East side of Hutt Road): 11.40am

Wellington Railway Station: 12pm

Furniture recycling

Friday, October 9th, 2009

This just flew in from Refugee Services:


We accept good quality furniture (no stains, rips or holes please) to give to refugees arriving in New Zealand under the United Nations quota program. Beds, couches, dining tables and chairs, and chests of drawers are what we need most.

Sorry we don’t accept personal items or bric a brac. Aucklanders can drop off clothing at the Mangere Refugee Reception Centre – please contact (09) 276 6423 for details.

Offices are in Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Porirua, Hutt Valley, Wellington, Nelson, and Christchurch – go to for contact details of your nearest office. Some offices have a van and drivers to pickup furniture.

Interested in volunteering? Go here

"I'm willing to change so the climate doesn't have to."

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

The Weekly Walk to parliament – this is a weekly march to prepare for 24 October with the motto “I’m willing to change so the climate doesn’t have to.” Meet at the Embassy Theatre at 5.30, and walk to parliament to have a cup of tea on the lawn. Bring thermos of tea & friends! Make and bring your own placards. Any questions,  contact Lisa 021 0221 9443,

Wellington NZ's first Fair Trade city

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Good on you, Wellington – a great achievement to beome officially recognised as a Fair Trade city. Now we have to continue to make the right choices when buying our coffees and other trade products.


love food, hate waste!

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Thanks to my neighbor, I have a huge stash of Listener mags in my bathroom, and every now and then, I chance upon a gem! Check out this website: for tips, tricks and recipes, and quash your food wastage!

They also have a blog


er, go bananas.


badges galore

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

We were asked a few times at Craft2.0 today whether the ‘badge action mystery swap‘ was still on.

Yes, it is! And here are some examples of badges:


So, get making and send your badges to us:

World Sweet World Ltd
PO Box 9937
Marion Square
Wellington 6141



'Hunter & gatherer' – badge

Friday, January 30th, 2009

Suggested by CHARLOTTE S
Discover your local farmers markets, fruit and veg stall, butchers, baker and fish monger, buy fresh, buy local and get creative and enjoy the adventure of hunting and gathering fresh produce from an array of colourful characters not just wandering around the supermarket. Support the community around you and keep it seasonal.

» Get the full story on Carbon Action Badges here

'Tree hugger' – badge

Friday, January 30th, 2009

Suggested by CHARLOTTE S
Get out there and join one of the many local projects to plant trees, be part of a new generation of native tree being planted.

They breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen which has to be a good thing and although it won’t save the planet it’s a tiny step

Don’t stop there get out and enjoy all your local parks and reserves enjoy the shade of a beautiful tree and go on give it a hug.

» Get the full story on Carbon Action Badges here

'Mobilised radical earthling' – badge

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

Suggested by ELIZA K
When discussing solutions for climate change, activism is often reduced to consumerism or “ethical consumption”. Although greening our buying is important, changing a few light bulbs and using reuseable bags is simply NOT going to be enough to solve the magnitude of the climate crisis. A massive cultural mindshift away from unbridled consumerism and economic slavery – the root causes of environmental abuse – must take place. Throughout history community demonstrations, protest and direct action have enabled such a mindshift (eg. Gandhi’s peaceful protest, The Springbok Tour in NZ, May 1968 in France etc). All over NZ, particularly in Wellington and Auckland, there are many groups that regularly organise demonstrations -get involved!

The literal definition of the word ‘Radical’, is simply “to get to the root of the problem”. Let’s do this.

Useful links:

» Get the full story on Carbon Action Badges here