Barebones & Cabaret

We just heard from one of our musical friends from the North, Barebones & Cabaret (they were one of the gifted guys who appeared on our last year’s “Summer mixed tape“). They released their self titled début album early this year and it’s very worth listening to. Care-free, summery, camp-fire tunes – check them out for free, make a donation, listen to them, and enjoy!

Barebones & Cabaret


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  1. Hey people!
    Hows it? Great news on the little one! Kinda makes me want another one, in a way!
    Thanks for blogging the album – !

    So, a little round up of all things Yearbook/BareBones/PaleMorning etc..
    After completing the album – recorded in two days ‘live’ in the studio – the band imploded and we lost the drummer.
    It was an emotional time that caught Glen and I off-guard to say the least. We looked everywhere, under the couch, in the sock drawer..
    We just couldn’t find him. For now, BareBones and Cabaret are not performing, if the right person/people show up it will continue.
    The album was released on our label ‘Pale Morning Recordings’ and it currently being distributed to itunes, amazon, napster, spotify and just about every other digital distributor under the moon and sun. For now, you can get it at bandcamp, cdbaby, amplifier etc.

    The Sent Letters ; A collaborative project.

    Glen & I have been working on material for new project The Sent Letters
    Currently you can find 2 demo’s on the myspace – expect more to come from members of Welfare Mothers, Redwood and more.
    The idea of a collective is appealing right now. We have been working on Redwood’s new album over the past few weeks,
    adding banjo, mandolin, electric guitars, bass & a cut a played melodica on(though I wouldn’t put money on its release!)

    Thanks for listening people. I hope to get down your way with the new project or maybe when Glen and I tour the album as an acoustic two piece.

    Much Love

    Matt Schobs aka Yearbook

  2. Thomas says:

    Hey Matt,

    thanks for the update! Will have to listen to The Sent Letters, and good luck for finding the perfect new drummer!

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