A good brew

I don’t shy away from it – I’m a tea fiend. I love the variety of tea available, the little rituals I associate with sharing a pot of tea – but I’m also not afraid to say that I do enjoy a good cup of coffee.

It gives me a boost, and I don’t really care if it’s just a placebo effect. But what I like is a good coffee – be it plunger, espresso or filter. My definition of a good coffee comes down to the sugar test. If it needs the sugar, it’s probably burnt and not to my taste. I also like a splash of milk to temper the flavour down. My usual cafe order is a soy flat white – I like the creaminess of soy. Yum.

Yet, deep down, I’ve always hankered to be a long black drinker, but the idea of it seemed so scary. Until last week when I discovered Customs Brew Bar at 39 Ghuznee Street.

This cafe is revolutionising coffee as we know it. No take away cups here (the trees whoop in delight) for this is about the experience of true coffee. The cafe invites you to linger, really taste your coffee and chill out. It blends my love of tea rituals with the boost of coffee. You’re not going to order from a strictly espresso menu. The lads and lasses at Customs have 4 different methods of coffee brewing to keep any coffee connoisseur happy. These methods bring out the best flavours from their single origin coffees – no blends here! (For real coffee lovers, check out their blog for more information)

I enjoyed a Clover pot for two of the Kenyan roast – a tarty citrus tasting bean – and as the lovely manager Charlie saw our interest, she explained the process in full. Our cups and pot arrived on a lovely wooden tray, with milk to add if desired (which I didn’t need….yay! Black coffee tasting accomplished). My friend and I lingered an hour or so, tasting some real coffee and doing the general coffee catch up reminisce routine and soaking up the relaxed vibe.

I’ve since been back to try more chocolatey beans, also very very tasty. But I must say – it’s not just the coffee that has me hooked. I really love the attitude of taking time to really savour life’s little treats – flavours, friends and a relaxed atmosphere. I guess it’s the ethos behind the cafe that will draw me in everytime – hopefully this idea of slowing down the pace can spread, bit by bit…

Check it out if you get the chance, otherwise I’d recommend looking out for cafes that encourage the able loiterers…get in and soak up the atmosphere.

xx Libby

P.S I stole all the photos from the blog link above! Credit due elsewhere…


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