Hello 2010!

by Libby Callander

A new year,  and how lovely it can be to have a fresh start!  I won’t harp on about New Year resolutions – I’m just enthused about the symbolism we can take from a new beginning and look at what change we want in our lives.

Summer has been an interesting mix of vacations, activities and roundabout weather.   I found this awesome letterbox in Paekakariki (whilst making the most of a beautiful sunny day to have a picnic) and  thought ‘What a great idea!’.  This is just a neat example of a creative way of dealing with unwanted waste…plus I’m always a sucker for the mere mention of a cup of tea!

And I suppose I  should quickly introduce myself – I’m Libby, the newbie intern helping out with World Sweet World for awhile as part of my ‘funemployment’.  I’ll be casting random blogs into this internet ocean about all things makeable, edible, crafty and environmentally aware.  You may have seen a few of my tips about natural house cleaning, so I’m sure there will be a few more that slip in here as well.  Keep an eye out – and feel free to share ideas!


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  1. Thomas says:

    Hey Libby!

    Welcome from us :)! Great to have have you in the team.

    Thomas + Hannah

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