Issue #4 – Making a Splash

World Sweet World Issue #4 - Making a SplashAha aha aha!
Issue #4 is out! Get all the latest dirt on it here :). Run into shops, be happy!


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  1. Johanna Knox says:

    I love this idea. If it’s a big success, will you run a second set – with 5 more badges?? There are so many possible ideas for badges!

  2. worldsweetworld says:

    Oh yes, we might! But we’re still collecting nominations for now, and then in March the making and swapping of badges and acting on climate change may begin.

  3. Stumbled across World Sweet World when I was looking for a copy of the latest Idealog magazine. There it was, cute as a button, not fitting on the rack – so placed on a shelf in front.

    Enjoyed reading it. Nice, clean design. Interesting original content, and a sense of community.

    I just wished there was a little more of it for the $8.00 cover price.

    Keep it up, looking forward to enjoying more in future.

  4. worldsweetworld says:

    Hi David,

    thanks a lot for your comment :). We’re happy you like it. You’re in fact one of the first people who’s bought the magazine in a ‘proper’ magazine shop, as up to this issue we’ve only distributed the magazine ourselves, through lovely design stores around the country.

    We’re publishing this magazine ourselves and appreciate and are happy about all the feedback people are giving us. This magazine is made for the community of makers and doers, so it’s great that this comes across.


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